The two main categories of pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in Italian culture. Quick and easy to prepare, its consumption has become part of the daily life of all generations. The different types of pizza that exist can be grouped into two main categories: classic pizzas and original pizzas. Find out more in this article.

What are the so-called classic pizzas?

The margarita pizza has been an unprecedented success in Italian pizzerias and restaurants. Indeed, it is known as a traditional pizza and like any other in the same category, it is made with ingredients such as tomato sauce and ham. Mushrooms and a little grated cheese are also added. However, other ingredients can be added to vary and change the taste and flavour. For example, egg, pepper and oregano are added to make a 4-season pizza.

Also in the category of the great classics are vegetarian pizzas made with vegetables. There are also four-cheese pizzas. At the same time, there is another form of pizza that is a little different from the classic pizzas. This is the calzone. Its difference and originality are notable for the presence of mozzarella inside the pizza dough. The ingredients are also cooked directly with the dough.

The so-called original pizzas

Among the plethora of restaurants specialising in pizza, some offer a more original form of pizza. The pizza burger is a good example of this. This type of pizza is a beautiful combination of minced meat, salad, cheddar cheese, tomato and pizza. In short, you will find all the ingredients of a hamburger but on a pizza. In addition, there are sweet and savoury pizzas such as the Hawaiian, which is the result of a perfect mix of meat and fruit. Several other so-called original pizzas are available in restaurants and pizzerias as a dessert. Moreover, it is quite possible to customize your pizzas for a better taste experience.