How to become a professional cook ?

Cooking is a passion for many young people today. It is possible to become a professional chef and to make a living out of your passion for cooking. Catering in general is a noble profession, to be practised with passion and propriety. How to make a career in the restaurant industry and become a professional chef? Here are some practical tips on how to become a professional chef.

Training in the field

To become a professional in any field, it is necessary to follow a training in the field. To become a professional chef, you need to take a cooking course or attend a catering school. It is true that some people have a natural gift for cooking, but to make this gift perfect, one needs to undergo training. Indeed, after finishing high school, you can do a CAP in the hotel and restaurant industry. This training allows you to discover several cooking rules and even dishes you have never heard of. After high school, you can deepen your knowledge in the hotel and restaurant industry by enrolling in a university to obtain a BTS or a licence.

Do academic and professional internships

During your various training courses, you should take internships seriously. Academic and professional internships are a real learning experience. It is during the internships that you will discover many techniques in the field. It is also the time to discover extraordinary dishes that you did not know before. It is also advisable to do your internships at the best restaurants with a certain reputation in the field. This will enhance your CV.

Participate in seminars and competitions in the field

To become a better cook, you should never miss out on training. Therefore, it is recommended that you participate in any training or seminars organised in the field of cooking. During these seminars, you will necessarily gain experience. You should also participate in the various competitions that are organised in your field. This will help you to improve your skills.